The Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) is an ISO 17065-accredited third-party certification body with programs for the certification and performance rating of solar thermal and small wind turbines. SRCC certifications and ratings accepted throughout North America and SRCC standards are specified by dozens of incentive programs, regulations and laws at the local, state and federal levels, and building codes. SRCC also provides listing programs that assist code enforcement professionals to determine whether solar thermal products and systems comply with codes and applicable standards

The modern solar industry was founded in 1974, following the original oil embargo of the previous year. In the years that followed, energy in all its forms became a national priority. Commercial and residential solar systems were available on a limited regional basis, but public acceptance and adoption was slow at first. Therefore there was broad recognition that mechanisms were needed to encourage consumers to purchase these new solar technologies with confidence. States with potentially large solar markets, such as California and Florida, were the first to establish such mechanisms by establishing state testing and rating programs for solar thermal collectors. However, since there was little consistency between each state's approach to testing and rating solar equipment, such programs soon became an impediment to manufacturers who marketed in more than one state.

Test and PoolIt soon became evident that there was a need for a single, national program that would allow manufacturers to test and rate the performance of their equipment. Such a program would also benefit consumers by providing minimum safety and durability standards, along with a uniform approach comparing the performance of solar thermal equipment. To accomplish this, the U.S. trade association for the solar energy industry and a national consortium of U.S. state energy offices and regulatory bodies collaborated to found the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC). In 1980 the SRCC was incorporated as a non-profit organization whose primary purpose was the development and implementation of national rating standards and certification programs for solar thermal energy equipment.

In November, 2014, SRCC became part of the ICC Family of Companies that is dedicated to the construction of safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures. In December, 2016, the Small Wind Certification Corporation (SWCC) also became part of SRCC, bringing their well-established small and medium wind turbine certification programs. Much like SRCC programs for solar thermal, SWCC certification standardizes North American reporting for small and medium wind turbine energy production and sound performance.

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