Solar Thermal Collectors

The ICC-SRCC™ OG-100 Solar Thermal Collector Certification Program provides certification for solar thermal collectors to the current ICC 901/SRCC 100 Solar Thermal Collector standard. The standard references the internationally-accepted test methods in the ISO 9806 standard. OG-100 addresses a wide range of collector types, including glazed and unglazed flat plate, evacuated tube, integrated collector storage, roof-integrated, concentrating, transpired, PV-thermal and even photovoltaic water heating collectors. OG-100 certification ensures that collectors meet minimum safety and durability criteria. It also provides standardized performance ratings for different climate types and applications. ICC-SRCC™ OG-100 ratings make it easy to compare collectors from various manufacturers on an equal basis. For consumers, designers and architects, the ICC-SRCC™ OG-100 directory is often their first stop to find and compare solar thermal collectors.

Incentive programs and regulations throughout North America recognize OG-100 certification. Check the DSIRE website for listings of solar water and pool heating programs that reference ICC-SRCC™'s OG-100 certification.

OG-100 Certified


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