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The ICC-SRCC™ OG-400 Solar Pool & Spa Heating System Certification Program provides proof of compliance for solar water heating systems to the current ICC 902/APSP 902/SRCC 400 standard. This ground-breaking standard was completed and approved as an American National Standard in 2017. PDF Icon

OG-400 certification of solar pool & spa heaters ensures that systems meet minimum requirements for safety and durability. Certified systems must properly integrate with pool designs and systems to ensure that critical safety protections for water quality, suction entrapment and maximum temperature are maintained. For certification, ICC-SRCC™ staff review system designs, material specifications, installation manuals and operation manuals.

Building officials look to the OG-400 certifications to provide proof of compliance with the standard, and key third-party information for inspections. Pool designers and consumers seek OG-400 certification as a mark of quality, safety and durability.

The OG-100 program ensures that these collectors meet minimum safety and durability criteria, and provide standardized performance ratings for different climates and applications. The ICC-SRCC™ OG-100 ratings allow the performance of collectors from various manufacturers to be compared on an equal basis. ICC-SRCC™ certificates provide the key information consumers and system designers need to compare, model and select the right collectors for their system. OG-100 certified collectors are required for all OG-300 certified systems.

Dozens of incentive programs and regulations nationwide recognize and require ICC-SRCC™ OG-100 certification. Check the DSIRE website for listings of solar water heating and solar pool heating programs that reference ICC-SRCC™'s OG-100 certification.

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To learn more about ICC-SRCC™'s OG-400 certification program, click on any of the links provided, or contact us at srcc@solar-rating.org.


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