Solar Water Heating Systems

OG-300 System

The ICC-SRCC OG-300 Solar Water Heating System Certification Program provides proof of compliance for solar water heating systems to the current ICC 901/SRCC 300 standard. This standard is widely referenced by building codes and incentive programs throughout North America. U.S. Federal tax credits, EPA ENERGY STAR® programs, the California Energy Code and many others rely on OG-300 certifications.

OG-300 certification not only ensures that solar water heaters meet minimum requirements for safety and durability, but also provides objective energy ratings customized for nearly 200 locations throughout North America. This allows the performance of different models and types of solar water heaters to be compared directly and consistently. OG-300 performance ratings are used by many incentive programs and tax credits seeking to save energy and cut emissions.

Engineers and designers use OG-300 performance ratings with a variety of modeling tools to integrate solar water heaters into green buildings. For consumers, designers and architects, the ICC-SRCC OG-300 directory is often their first stop to find and compare solar water heaters to meet their project needs.

OG-300 Certified


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