The solar air heating collectors listed below have been evaluated by the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation™ (ICC-SRCC™), an ISO 17065 accredited Certification Body, in accordance with ICC-SRCC™ OG-100, Operating Guidelines and Minimum Standards for Certifying Solar Collectors, and have been certified by ICC-SRCC™. These certificate documents must be reproduced in their entirety, and are only valid until the listed Renewal Expiration Date.


ICC-SRCC™ Number Manufacturer Model Number Collector Type Renewal Expiration Date
10001914 pdf Icon ATAS International BWS390 Transpired 4/30/2019
10001759 pdf Icon Conserval Systems, Inc. SW 2-Stage Transpired 10/31/2018
10001971 pdf Icon Conserval Systems, Inc. SW 1-Stage Transpired 10/31/2018
10001796 pdf Icon Aéronergie, Inc. Lubi Transpired 4/30/2019
10001797 pdf Icon Aéronergie, Inc. UnitAir Transpired 4/30/2019
10001798 pdf Icon Aéronergie, Inc. Luba GL Transpired 4/30/2018
2011123A pdf Icon Matrix Energy DT Transpired 7/30/2018
2011124A pdf Icon Matrix Energy TR Transpired 7/30/2018
10002049 pdf Icon Trigo Energies, Inc. Calento Transpired 4/30/2019
10002067 pdf Icon Trigo Energies, Inc. Acero LT Transpired 4/30/2019


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