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The following transpired collectors have been tested and evaluated to the requirements set forth in SRCC Standard 100 "Test Methods and Minimum Standards for Certifying Solar Collectors." These collectors are certified under OG-100.

SRCC Number Company Model
10001914 pdf Icon ATAS International BWS390
10001759 pdf Icon Conserval Systems, Inc. SW 2-Stage
10001971 pdf Icon Conserval Systems, Inc. SW 1-Stage
10001796 pdf Icon Aéronergie, Inc. Lubi
10001797 pdf Icon Aéronergie, Inc. UnitAir
10001798 pdf Icon Aéronergie, Inc. Luba GL
2011123A pdf Icon Matrix Energy DT
2011124A pdf Icon Matrix Energy TR
10002049 pdf Icon Trigo Energies, Inc. Calento


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