ICC-SRCC™ relies on several methods to ensure that participants in our certification programs comply with program requirements. Where on-site inspections of the manufacturer's facility are required, ICC-SRCC™ makes use of inspection reports provided by inspection providers which are approved under ICC-SRCC™'s Inspection Provider Policy.

ICC-SRCC™ notifies program participants when a facility inspection is required. In this notification, the specific product(s) and facility to be inspected are identified, along with a deadline for the completion of the inspection. The participant selects a provider from the Directory of ICC-SRCC™ Approved Inspection Providers. The participant contracts directly with the chosen inspection provider to schedule and conduct the inspection. The inspection is conducted using inspection forms provided by ICC-SRCC™ and in compliance with ICC-SRCC™'s Certification Surveillance Procedures. A copy of the completed inspection report is sent by the inspection provider directly to ICC-SRCC™ for review. Reports are processed in accordance with the certification program requirements.

ICC-SRCC™ Inspection Providers must maintain accreditation to ISO/IEC 17020 and enter into an agreement with ICC-SRCC™ governing the conduct of inspections for ICC-SRCC™ certification programs.

Participants seeking an inspection provider may also inquire whether a given provider is a member of the Global Solar Certification Network (GSCN). Approved ICC-SRCC™ Inspection Providers may or may not be members of the GSCN, but ICC-SRCC™ does require that any inspections of solar thermal collectors be reported using GSCN forms. Where inspections of facilities producing solar thermal collectors are conducted by GSCN-approved inspectors using GSCN reporting forms, they may be accepted by other participating certification bodies worldwide. For more information see the GSCN website.

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Directory of ICC-SRCC™ Approved Inspection Providers

ICC-SRCC™ Inspection Provider Policy PDF Icon

Inspectors interested in becoming an approved ICC-SRCC™ Inspection Provider may submit an application to srcc@solar-rating.org using the following form:

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