Does SRCC list or certify photovoltaic (PV) modules that produce electricity?

No. In the U.S., photovoltaic (PV) modules are must be listed to UL 1703 or UL 61730 to satisfy the requirements of the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) and the International Building Code (IBC). SRCC does not currently list PV modules to these standards. Instead, SRCC provides certifications and listings for solar thermal collectors and related products. Solar thermal collectors harvest solar radiation, converting it to thermal energy (heat) in a fluid. Photovoltaic (PV) solar modules convert solar radiation into electrical energy.

SRCC does certify solar heating and cooling products that make use of listed PV modules in items like PV Water Heaters, Photovoltaic-Thermal Hybrid Collectors (PVTs) and solar water heaters using PV-powered pumps. But in each case, the PV module component used must be listed for electrical safety by an approved listing agency before it can be used in a product or system certified by SRCC.

Listing of electrical products must be provided a listing agency designated by OSHA’s Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Program. Click here for a list of current NRTLs. Note that while all listing agencies on the list are NRTLs, not all list PV modules. To find those that are approved specifically for PV module listing, click on the MORE button for any organization, and then the link entitled “Recognized Testing Standards” on the page that follows. Check to be sure that they are recognized for UL 1703 and/or UL 61730 to confirm that they are accredited to list PV modules.