ICC-SRCC maintains certification marks for each of its accredited product certification programs. Certification marks are may be displayed by listees on marketing materials, websites, and product labels. Only products with current certifications are authorized by ICC-SRCC to display the applicable marks. Check the ICC-SRCC Directory to verify the status of any marked product. Artwork for certification marks is provided listees when certification is awarded and upon request.

Standards and codes used in the different certification programs have requirements for labels affixed to products. In each case, the content of the label is set by the reference standard or code as shown below. Each certification and listing includes an Identification Section that lists the specific information that must be provided in the product label.

Product labels must also comply with ICC-SRCC requirements for format and content as set in the ICC-SRCC Rules for Certificate and Mark Use. ICC-SRCC confirms compliance with labeling requirements during listee inspections. Listees may design their own label with the required information, complying with ICC-SRCC requirements, or request a template for a compliant label design.

PRODUCTSolar Thermal CollectorsSolar Thermal SystemsSolar Pool Heating SystemsSolar Heating & Cooling Equipment
ICC 901/SRCC 100,
Section 502
ICC 900/SRCC 300, Section 402No labeling requirementsPer Codes & Standards Included