ICC-SRCC maintains the following ANSI-approved consensus standards, which form the basis of the OG-100, OG-300 and OG-400 certification programs. The current editions of the standards were approved and released in December, 2020. Online versions of the standards are available for viewing or purchasing.

ICC 901/ICC-SRCC 100 Solar Thermal Collector Standard (2020)
ICC 900/SRCC 300 Solar Thermal System Standard (2020)
ICC 902/PHTC 902/ICC-SRCC 400 Solar Pool & Spa Heating System Standard (2020)

NOTICE: Effective July 1, 2021, the ICC-SRCC certification programs will formally adopt the 2020 editions of the ICC/SRCC Solar Heating & Cooling Standards. After that date, all new OG-100 and OG-300 applications will be required to comply with the 2020 editions. Until that date, applicants may choose to use the 2015 or the 2020 version of the standards. Contact us for more information.

PREVIOUS EDITIONS: The following previous editions are also available: ICC 901/SRCC 100 (2015), ICC 900/SRCC 300 (2015), and ICC 902/APSP 902/SRCC 400 (2017).

STANDARD DEVELOPMENT: The current editions of the ICC 901/SRCC 100, ICC 900/SRCC 300, and ICC 902/APSP 902/SRCC 400 standards were approved by ANSI in 2020. For additional information on the standard update process and to sign up for updates, please visit the IS-STSC Technical Committee webpage.