ICC-SRCC offers listings for all major codes and standards applying to solar heating & cooling products in North America. ICC-SRCC listings make it easy for solar product manufacturers to demonstrate code compliance.

The program is designed specifically for the solar industry, from the experts at ICC-SRCC who know the technology and the industry. The result is a program that saves participants significant time and money, while providing the high quality that consumers and code officials expect.

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ICC-SRCC charges a low flat fee for listing files. You can include as many collectors or systems in a file as you like. And there is no fee for additional codes and standards. We use the information you've already provided for your ICC-SRCC OG-100 or ICC-SRCC OG-300 certification to develop your code listing. So there's no need to resubmit the same information to another company.
Factory inspections are only required every two years. Plus, the inspections satisfy surveillance requirements for the OG-100 and 300 programs. You save money and avoid redundant inspections.
ICC-SRCC can provide listings to nearly any model code or standard relevant to solar heating & cooling products. We even provide listings showing compliance to state and federal lead content laws.
Listings are done by ICC-SRCC staffers who are solar thermal experts. We know your products and we know codes and standards. Code officials throughout North America trust and recognize our listings to provide them with the information they need to approve solar products. We're even approved as a listing agency by the City of Los Angeles
Listings are linked to the ICC's publicACCESS and premiumACCESS code portals, making it easy for users to find the SRCC Listings that apply to various sections of the I-Codes. That places your listings in front of millions of users of these online code portals. It's a service that only ICC-SRCC and ICC-ES can offer.


To learn more about how ICC-SRCC listings can help your solar products show compliance, click on any of the links provided, or contact us.