Modeling Services

OG-300 Modeling Service

This service provides ICC-SRCC clients with a tool to obtain OG-300 performance ratings for the manufacturer to evaluate changes to existing systems and potential new system designs. Thermal performance ratings are developed using SRCC’s proprietary OG-300 computer models within the TRNSYS platform, using the same input conditions, localized weather data and thermal loads used for OG-300 ratings. The results are provided for geographic locations selected by the manufacturer from those currently included in the OG-300 rating program.

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Click here for the modeling application form: OG-300 Modeling Service Application Form.OG-300 Supplements

To meet the needs of specific markets above and beyond basic OG-300 certifications, ICC-SRCC offers optional OG-300 Supplements. Supplements provide additional information and ratings added to existing OG-300 system certifications. Three established Supplements are currently available, but others can be provided upon request.

  • DOE Draw Pattern Rating Supplement provides performance ratings for solar water heaters using four additional hot water loads established by the U.S. Department of Energy. The four draw patterns used are based on the DOE Uniform Energy Factor Test Method, and correspond to 10, 38 55 and 84 gallons per day of hot water use. These draw patterns additional provide detail on the performance of solar water heating systems for households of various sizes.
  • OG-300 Puerto Rico Supplement provides performance ratings for several locations in Puerto Rico, based on the SRCC and DOE draw patterns to meet the unique needs of the region. Ratings can also be provided for solar-only systems where the backup system is optional.
  • OG-300 Canadian F379 Supplement provides computer-simulated performance ratings that replicate the thermal performance testing prescribed in the CSA F379 standard. Results are provided in units of GJ/year for use in software packages such as SWIFT.

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