How are OG-100 and Standard 100 related?

SRCC’s OG-100 certification program refers to the Operating Guidelines associated with the SRCC Solar Thermal Collector Certification Program. The Operating Guidelines (OG) refer to the requirements, policies and procedures associated with the certification program, and are specific to SRCC. The OG-100 document references the SRCC Standard 100 document (ICC 901/SRCC 100), which sets the technical requirements for the evaluation and rating of solar thermal collectors. SRCC Standard 100 is a generic standard for these collectors that is produced by SRCC but does not specifically require that certification to the standard be conducted by SRCC. The current version of Standard 100 is known formally as ICC 901/SRCC 100 Solar Thermal Collectors, and it was approved by ANSI as an American National Standard in 2015. It is currently set to be revised starting in 2019.