How do manufacturers submit unit shipment data for the ENERGY STAR program?

One unique feature of the ENERGY STAR Program is the requirement that unit shipment data be submitted annually by the manufacturer. This is a condition of certification required of all ENERGY STAR manufacturer partners.

The ENERGY STAR program sends an annual notification to each manufacturer holding certifications. It outlines the procedure to submit the number of certified ENERGY STAR products shipped during the previous year. The process begins in January each year, and is due by March 1. Where manufacturers do not submit the data by the deadline, their certified products are removed from the ENERGY STAR website. And if the shipment data is not submitted by May 1, the program will not allow additional models to be certified.

Data must be reported directly to the ENERGY STAR program (not SRCC) using their prescribed procedures. Click here for more information on the annual reporting requirement or send questions to