I have Solar Keymark certification in Europe in addition to SRCC in North America. Can the inspections for each program be combined?

In some cases, yes. ICC-SRCC has agreements with several Solar Keymark approved inspectors to allow them to conduct joint inspections for Solar Keymark certifications and ICC-SRCC certifications at the same time. In this case, the joint inspection must be arranged in advance since ICC-SRCC must have an agreement in place with the inspector and train them on SRCC’s policies and procedures. At the conclusion of the inspection, the inspector would complete two separate reports – one using the SKN form and the other using the SRCC form. Billing for the inspections is kept separate. ICC-SRCC contracts with the inspector for the SRCC portion of the inspection in the same manner as any other inspector and ICC-SRCC issues the invoice for the services. Billing for the SKN portion of the inspection is handled by the inspector and the associated SKN certification body, with no involvement from ICC-SRCC.

Manufacturers interested in setting up joint SKN/SRCC inspections should contact SRCC prior to the conduct of the inspection.