We do not have a traditional factory assembly line for the product we have certified with SRCC. Do we still need to undergo an inspection?

There are several cases where a listee may not have a traditional manufacturing line for a product they have listed with SRCC:

  • Product is manufactured at another location by a different company (contract manufacturer) on the listee’s behalf and the listee owns the design,
  • Product is a private label, where it is manufactured and certified by a completely separate company who owns the design,
  • Product is made up of off-the-shelf components and is assembled in the field.

Contract Manufacturer: If the product is manufactured entirely by another company, ICC-SRCC may need to inspect that supplier’s manufacturing facility. Or, if the product is first shipped to the listee where it is inspected and warehoused, it may be possible to conduct the inspection there. It often depends on the location where the functions of the Quality Management System are carried out. SRCC will review each specific case to determine the appropriate location to be subject to inspection.

Private Label: If the design is owned by another company, who manufactures it, certifies it and allows it to be certified by another company under a different name, it is known as a Private Label certification. In this case the inspection is conducted at the original equipment manufacturer’s facility. Private labels are only available where specifically authorized by the original manufacturer/design owner/certification holder.

Field Assembly: If the product is comprised entirely of off-the-shelf components that are assembled in the field, ICC-SRCC will require still require an inspection of the Quality Management Systems – even though no assembly takes place at the listee’s facility. This can occur for certain types of OG-300 systems and some OG-100 collectors (e.g., PV water heating, solar air heating collectors). Generally this is done at the listee’s location where the Quality Management System is operated and managed. SRCC reserves the right to require inspections of field-assembled, certified products for conformity with SRCC requirements.