What are the benefits to incentive programs of requiring solar thermal collectors to be certified under SRCC’s OG-100 program?

  • NATIONWIDE ACCEPTANCE. SRCC OG-100 certifications are recognized and in some cases required by dozens of incentive programs and regulations nationwide. Certifying with SRCC ensures that your system can be sold and incentivized virtually anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Check the DSIRE website for listings of solar water heating and solar pool heating programs.
  • COMPARABILITY. OG-100 certification includes ratings that provide key information on the performance of the collector under a wide variety of conditions. By using common rating conditions, the performance of different collector types can be compared directly. This helps consumers make informed choices by comparing “apples to apples.”
  • TRUSTED. SRCC has been offering solar thermal certifications for over 3 decades. SRCC’s staff are solar thermal experts. We know your products and we know Standard 100 – because we created it.
  • COMPREHENSIVE AND OBJECTIVE. SRCC’s certificates provide the third-party technical information consumers and designers need to model and select the best collector for their application. SRCC models all OG-100 systems using the same rating conditions so users can easily get an unbiased comparison.
  • MINIMUM PERFORMANCE. Many programs scale the value of their incentives to OG-100 ratings. This scales the dollar value of incentives to the benefit expected. Using a third-party source like SRCC ensures that ratings are fair and unbiased.
  • SAFETY AND DURABILITY. OG-100 certification is more than just performance ratings. SRCC’s engineers review collector designs and laboratory testing results to be sure they meet the ICC 901/SRCC 100 Standard, providing assurance that they meet comprehensive safety, durability and minimum performance requirements.
  • WEB-BASED CERTIFICATES. OG-100 certified collectors are provided with a certificate of compliance, provided on the SRCC website, www.solar-rating.org. The certificates feature certified performance ratings and a complete schematic of the approved system. Check them out on our online listing directory.