What is the difference between a Qualifying and Surveillance Inspection?

Qualifying Inspections must be conducted for all production facilities and Quality Management Systems that have not been previously inspected by ICC-SRCC. The Qualifying Inspection seeks to capture baseline information on the facility and systems for use in subsequent inspections. A Qualifying Inspection may also be triggered if a production facility is moved or if it undergoes a significant modification.

Surveillance Inspections are conducted for production facilities and Quality Management Systems that have previously been documented in a Qualifying Inspection. They seek to evaluate changes since the last inspection and confirm continued implementation and adherence to the Quality Management System requirements. Surveillance inspections may also select specific products for a review to confirm continued adherence to ICC-SRCC policies for certification.

Qualifying and Surveillance inspections are documented using two different forms, which can be found on the Inspections Webpage, along with instructions for their completion. Both SRCC inspections are billed at the same rate and involve the same pool of inspection providers.