What is the SOLERGY label?

SOLERGY is an eco-label for solar thermal collectors developed originally by DIN CERTCO and the Solar Heat Initiative (SHI) in 2016. The design originated with the European Energy Label (ErP), which provides easy-to-read information the energy consumption of many devices in the EU.  DIN CERTCO and the Solar Heat Initiative (SHI) recognized the need for such a label for solar thermal collectors producing energy onsite.  The new label added A- to AAA performance ratings showing the energy production capacity for different regions in the EU and different applications.

In 2023, DIN CERTCO and SHI released a revision to the label designed for use in North America.  And they partnered with SRCC to offer it for qualifying OG-100 certification holders.  The label provides the same easy-to-read design, with ratings customized for North American climate regions.