Where can I find information on SRCC’s inspection requirements to prepare for the inspection?

SRCC inspections are based on the requirements in a the document AC-10, Acceptance Criteria for Quality Documentation. It sets minimum requirements for quality systems used in the production of certified building products. The topics to be checked are listed in the inspection forms, and each section includes the associated references to AC-10 that serve as the basis. AC-10 is available to current SRCC listees upon request.

ICC-SRCC provides several documents and resources that can be used to prepare for an inspection. All are provided on a dedicated Inspection Webpage located on the SRCC website.

  • Qualifying and Surveillance Inspection Report Forms: These forms are completed by the inspector and lay out the items that will be assessed.
  • Inspection Report Form Instructions: These documents describe the items to be assessed and the information to be entered into the Inspection Report Forms. References to AC-10 are provided throughout for more details.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: A comprehensive list of answers to the most common questions related to inspections is available in the FAQ section of the website.

Inspections also check for compliance with ICC-SRCC policies relevant to each certification program. Current policy documents can be found on the Forms & Policies Webpage. Those that are important for inspections include:

  • Rules for Solar Heating & Cooling Listing Reports: This document establishes the policies and procedures used for all ICC-SRCC solar heating and cooling product certifications and listings.
  • Rules for Mark and Certificate Use: This document explains the requirements for the use of ICC-SRCC certification marks and labels required under each certification program.

For additional questions, please contact us or ask your assigned inspector.