Which products does ICC-SRCC offer listings for?

ICC-SRCC is accredited to provide certifications and listings for Solar Heating and Cooling products. These include a wide range of solar water and air heating products and systems. These include:

  • Single and multi-family domestic solar water heaters. Examples include solar thermal water heaters, thermosiphons, PV water heaters, solar-assisted heat pumps, and more).
  • Solar pool heating systems
  • Open (transpired) and closed-loop solar air heating systems
  • Commercial and industrial water and other fluid heating systems

Solar thermal collector listings are available for many different types including:

  • Glazed and unglazed flat plate collectors
  • Vacuum tube collectors, including heat pipes
  • Integrated collector storage (ICS)
  • PV-Thermal hybrids (PVTs)
  • Concentrating, including parabolic trough and fresnel lens collectors
  • PV-Water heating collectors
  • Building-integrated collectors

NOTE – ICC-SRCC does NOT certify or list photovoltaic (PV) modules that produce electricity.

ICC-SRCC’s listing program can also provide listings for a wide range of components used in solar thermal systems, including:

  • Solar tanks (pressurized and unpressurized)
  • Heat exchangers
  • Solar pump stations
  • Solar differential controllers
  • PV-powered circulation pumps
  • Racking and mounting systems
  • Specialized valves, expansion tanks, and other custom components

For components that can be used in solar heating & cooling systems or other plumbing and mechanical applications, ICC-SRCC can work with our sister company ICC-ES PMG to create a listing for all applications.