Why does ICC-SRCC conduct inspections?

ICC-SRCC operates third-party certification programs accredited to ISO/IEC 17065. This means that it confirms that the product submitted for certification meets the requirements of the program at the time of application, and as long as the certification is continued. Periodic ICC-SRCC inspections confirm that quality processes are in place to produce compliant products in an ongoing fashion.

Many North American regulatory bodies and incentive programs that specify ICC-SRCC certification require follow-up inspections (also known as “surveillance”). For example, building codes in North America require that solar thermal products be third-party certified to ICC/SRCC standards. The International Building Code defines this as:

THIRD-PARTY CERTIFIED. Certification obtained by the manufacturer indicating that the function and performance characteristics of a product or material have been determined by testing and ongoing surveillance by an approved third-party certification agency. Assertion of certification is in the form of identification in accordance with the requirements of the third-party certification agency.

2024 International Building Code (IBC)

Inspections also provide value to consumers and listees. Inspections provide consumers with confidence that the products they buy from the manufacturer will perform as well and as safely as the samples that were originally tested or evaluated for the ICC-SRCC certification. Inspections provide listees with confidence that ICC-SRCC’s policies for certification are being enforced equally for all, and that there is a “level playing field” in the marketplace.