Will code officials recognize and accept ICC-SRCC OG-300 certifications?

Yes, code officials commonly accept ICC-SRCC OG-300 certification as proof of compliance with ICC-SRCC Standard 300 and ICC 900/SRCC 300. ICC-SRCC’s solar thermal certification programs are accredited by the A2LA (Certificate #3299.03) to ISO/IEC Standard 17065 (2012), Conformity assessment – Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services, for the certification of solarheating and cooling equipment. Code officials use the schematic on the ICC-SRCC OG-300 certification documents to inspect the installed system to ensure that the installation matches the certified design. As a member of the International Code Council Family of Companies, ICC-SRCC is backed by the largest association of building officials in the country. Code officials know and trust the ICC name. Note: Many codes have other requirements above and beyond OG-300 compliance.OG-300 currently provides assessment to the ICC 900/SRCC 300 standard. For evaluation to all of the requirements in various codes and standards see the ICC-SRCC Codes and Standards Listing Program.