Site-Specific Evaluations

Site-Specific Product Evaluations provide certifications and/or listings for solar thermal products or systems that are custom or are not anticipated to be replicated or mass-produced.  Unlike “traditional” ICC-SRCC certifications and listings, Site-Specific Evaluations are valid only for a specific project and location.  These evaluations are available for any product or system covered under an existing ICC-SRCC certification and listing program.

This program is designed to address custom or one-off collectors and systems that must show compliance with standards like ICC 901/SRCC 100, ICC 900/SRCC 300, ICC 902/APSP 902/SRCC 400 or NSF 50 to meet code requirements.  Optionally, ICC-SRCC ratings can be provided to meet the requirements of incentive and rebate programs.  Collectors or systems can be entirely new or can consist of modified versions of products that already have an existing ICC-SRCC certification or listing. And if clients find that they need to convert a Site-Specific Evaluation to a “traditional” certification, ICC-SRCC makes the process easy and cost-effective.

Examples of projects that may take advantage of the Site-Specific Evaluations include:

  • Unique commercial system designs
  • Residential systems where a significant modification is necessary for an existing OG-300 system
  • One-time variants of OG-100 certified collectors
  • Unique solar pool heating system designs

Successful Site-Specific Evaluations are issued an OG-100, OG-300 or OG-400 certificate or a listing to relevant I-Codes or Uniform Codes.  Unlike “traditional” certifications and listings, the certification or listing indicates the specific project and site where it is valid.  It is not posted on the online ICC-SRCC directory, and it is not valid for any other location.  Instead, it is designed to be provided to the relevant code officials and incentive programs for that specific project.

The Site-Specific Product Evaluation program provides an important new service that fills a compliance assessment gap for the solar thermal industry.  Manufacturers, system designers and installers now have a path to obtain ICC-SRCC’s trusted certifications, even for unique or modified products.

To learn more and to see if your project can take advantage of Site-Specific Evaluations, contact ICC-SRCC.