Thank you for your interest in ICC-SRCC’s certifications and listings for solar heating and cooling products! To begin an application for any ICC-SRCC certification or listing, please complete and return the Application Form below.

When an application is received, our technical staff will review the package to confirm that the product qualifies for certification under OG-100, OG-300, OG-400, ENERGY STAR or our listing program. We will then respond to you with any questions and details regarding the documents we will need and costs. The types of information we may need include test reports, samples, drawings, installation instructions, calculations, and/or other supporting data which will substantiate the product’s performance as being in compliance with the applicable codes and standards. But to begin, just send us the completed application form and any basic product information and test reports you have available.

If you’re not sure which program you need, wish to receive a quote for your specific certification needs, or if you need any application assistance contact us.