My company manufactures solar thermal collectors and we would like to have them SRCC OG-100 certified. Where do I begin?

  1. First-time applicants should start by registering with SRCC. This is a simple, one-time process that establishes the necessary company contact and user information on the SRCC website. There is a $500 registration fee. Go to Register Now at SRCC participants seeking certification for additional products can skip this step.
  2. Next, you will need to have your product tested in accordance with SRCC’s requirements by a SRCC approved testing laboratory. SRCC does not provide product or laboratory testing services. Manufacturers seeking new testing services to support SRCC OG-100 certification must independently select from among the SRCC Approved Testing Programs and contract directly with the testing laboratory to conduct the required testing. Please note that lab fees and schedules are separate from those associated with SRCC certification.
  3. After scheduling laboratory testing, apply for SRCC OG-100 Certification on the SRCC website. Login at and go to the My Options menu, choose View/Create/Modify Package and click on the Create New Package button. The automated system will take you through the application process, including an invoice and a credit card payment screen. If you choose to pay the certification fees by check or wire transfer, close the credit card window and we will let you know when we receive payment. The Basic collector is the tested collector. If you would like to apply for any Resizes, choose the Add Request to This Package button after completing the information for the Basic collector. There is a section where you will be asked to upload related documents such as drawings. Once completed, be sure to click Finalize Package.