What are the benefits to manufacturers of certifying solar thermal collectors under SRCC’s OG-100 program?

INCENTIVE PROGRAM ACCEPTANCE. Certification to OG-100 is required by many programs throughout the U.S. that provide incentives like rebates and tax credits. See the DSIRE Website for the latest information on incentive programs in specific locations around the U.S.

CODE COMPLIANCE. Most model building codes in the U.S. require solar thermal collectors to comply with ICC 901/SRCC 100 (the standard that provides the technical basis of the OG-100 program). Therefore, by certifying your system to OG-100, you are demonstrating compliance with SRCC Standard 100 and meeting one of the key requirements of these codes. Note: Many North American codes have other requirements above and beyond OG-100 compliance. OG- 100 only provides assessment to the ICC 901/SRCC 100 standard. For evaluation to all of the requirements in various codes and standards see the SRCC Listing Program.

SAFETY AND DURABILITY. OG-100 certification addresses more than just ratings. During the course of certification, SRCC’s engineers evaluate the design and construction of the collector to be sure that they comply with the minimum requirements set in the ICC 901/SRCC 100 Standard. This provides users with assurance that the collector meets the standard’s comprehensive requirements for safety, durability and minimum performance.

WEB-BASED CERTIFICATES. All collectors certified under the OG-100 program are provided with an OG-100 certificate and are listed on the SRCC directory. The certificates provide consistent tables featuring rated performance under standardized climate conditions and applications. Detailed performance data is also provided to allow system designers to model the collectors as part of a system. Code officials and incentive programs recognize SRCC’s website as the authoritative source of up-to-date information on OG-100 certified collectors. They use the certificates to verify certification, and to confirm that systems are installed in compliance with the certification. This can result in faster, smoother code inspections.