What does SRCC inspect?

During inspections the inspector will confirm the compliance of the Quality Management System, check for changes to the design of the product, and verify program requirements (like product labeling).

    Quality: Inspectors will review the Quality Management System implementation for topics that include:

    • Quality system documentation
      • Manufacturing process descriptions
      • Organization chart and quality system roles
      • Complaint processing procedures
      • Records retention policies
      • Staff training on quality and production controls
    • Design documentation,
      • Change management procedures
    • Incoming goods processes,
    • Production quality checks,
    • Quality instrument and device calibrations

    Design: Inspectors will check to confirm that design control measures are implemented and that changes to the product design are documented. If changes are noted, the inspector will confirm that they have been reported and reviewed with SRCC. Certification holders are required to have a procedure in place to promptly notify SRCC of changes to the design, materials or manufacture of certified products.

    Program: Inspectors will confirm compliance with SRCC policies for the specific certification program. That includes verifying that products are labeled with the SRCC certification mark and the information required in the “Identification” section of the certificate.

    See the Inspection Forms posted on the Inspection Webpage for the specific items reviewed during each inspection.